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Winner of a Society of Garden Designers Award 2021

Award-winning garden designer, Epsom 

We offer design services in Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex as well as London and further afield. We love creating spaces that draw in wildlife and help connect people with nature. We work with you to create a garden that fits your needs and aspirations.

Epsom garden stepping stone path

Garden Design Tailored to you

We collaborate with you throughout the design process to create a space that fits your lifestyle and requirements, and that ultimately will be unique to you. 

We offer a range of services, ranging from consultations for those who need some expert advice on design, or the re-design of a single planting border right through to a full scale re-design of the entire garden. 

Our designs are bespoke to every site, from the carefully chosen palette of materials through to the planting combinations that will thrive in those conditions. 

As well as looking beautiful our planting schemes aim to filter pollution, absorb water run-off and create habitat space for wildlife.

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Case Study: Epsom Garden, Surrey

This family garden, located near Epsom Common, was a featureless blank slate, apart from the large willow tree at the back of the garden. Our client wanted their own green oasis with flowers to draw in pollinators and an area to grow veg. Other priorities included a lawn for play and a space for outdoor dining with a barbecue. 

A garden to relax and entertain in

The design features several seating areas. The large deck adjoining the house provides an area for entertaining which captures the last sun of the day, and smaller more intimate areas further from the house offer secluded destinations that make the most of the morning sun. A stepping stone path leads you through the garden, dissolving into a gravel garden, where the planting is more drought-tolerant and some plants are left to self-seed for a natural feel. 


A vegetable garden of raised beds is positioned near the back, close to a new potting shed, providing ample space for growing and gardening. 


The local landscape is referenced in the groups of multi-stem trees, which echo the loosely wooded scrub landscape of Epsom Common. Climbing roses and jasmine were added to the existing trellis to provide screening colour and perfume. 

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Epsom garden design
Epsom vegetable garden
Epsom garden design town house
 "  Top service from start to finish.Communication was great throughout and her depth of knowledge was obvious. There was some lovely attention to detail, and the planting recommendations have been perfect, with different mixes tailored to each area of the garden."

S. Beary, Broadstairs, Kent

Vauxhall London garden design

Sustainable garden design

Creating gardens that consider carbon footprint and use sustainable materials where possible is key throughout our garden design process. Producing as little waste as possible, and re-using spoil (often for foundations beneath the ground) and reusing good quality building materials in creative ways goes a long way to reducing the carbon footprint on a garden build - and saves the cost of removing it all from site. Salvaging existing paving slabs or reusing reclaimed materials can not only reduce carbon emissions, but also add character to a garden. When bring new materials into a garden, we try to source locally where possible and this can bring benefits beyond the environmental - it can subtly ground the garden, helping it look like it 'belongs' in the local landscape.


Using permeable materials where possible that absorb rainwater is another way of having a positive impact on the environment. This reduces risk of flooding and helps filter out harmful pollutants. It also helps cool the surrounding air reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect (the heating effect of man's activities). 

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Garden Design for Wildlife

A garden should be so much more than simply a room outdoors. As well as looking beautiful and providing much needed outdoor space, it also has a job to do. It should provide a connection to nature by encouraging insects and wildlife into the space. This could be through improving biodiversity and providing food and habitat for wildlife. And nature will repay you in abundance - with colour, scent, birdlife, bees and butterflies. 

Plants for pollinators

By choosing a range of different plants that are attractive to pollinators, you not only extend the flowering period with a longer display of colour, but you also provide the bees with a continuous buffet of nectar and pollen. As well as flowers, by selecting tree varieties that provide interest across the seasons - from blossom in Spring through to berries in Autumn and Winter, you are providing nectar for insects and food for garden birds at a time of year when they really need it. Every plant should earn it's keep. Designing for the environment is just as relevant whether you have a family garden, a garden to enjoy during retirement, a communal garden, or anything in between!

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Wildlife garden Epsom
Epsom garden Spring flowers
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