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Amersham garden


A woodland edge garden which takes it's inspiration from the local woodland of Chesham Bois

A connection to the local woodland

Multi-stem trees have been brought into the space which frame views over the landscape and connect with the nearby woodland, whilst retaining an open feel. A dining terrace, set away from the house and at the point which receives the last sun of the day provides the perfect spot to entertain. 

Whilst there is no dedicated vegetable patch, instead edible planting such as strawberries and fruit canes are blended with ornamental planting to provide the option for 'foraging'.

The planting in this garden incorporates plenty of nectar-rich plants, which flower at various points in the year, providing support for pollinators over a long period. The rainwater-fed pond also provides an all-important water source. 

A wildlife-friendly garden

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