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Islington garden design


This design combines clean lines for modern living with nods to the Georgian architecture. The rectilinear forms of the design run square to the house, making a clear connection between the two, and linking the inside with the outside.

A green oasis

The amount of planting space has increased enabling the walls to be cloaked in climbers to create a green oasis without compromising on useable space. The existing Acer has been incorporated into the scheme and is rehomed in a new corten planter. An additional tree has been added to provide balance to the tall walls. This specimen tree will provide seasonal interest and sculptural definition in the form of the multi-stem trunk. A planted rill softens the hardscape and adds further definition to the space, forming a ‘dining room’ towards the back of the garden. The planting provides a long period of interest with colour from Spring to Autumn and evergreen structure and texture all year round. Scent is also key, provided by Nepeta and Jasmine.

Linking with the architecture

The warm hue of the paving and the woodwork has been chosen to compliment the colours of the architecture further linking the house and garden. The new raised bed with bench will re-use the existing bricks from elements which are being dismantled. The warm material palette is complimented by a corten accent which is also present in the decorative drainage channel at the bottom of the steps. The corten has a weathered patina which works with the history of the building.

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